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To paraphrase Albert Einstein, we cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that generated them.

All successes in life is due to acknowledging the conscious Positive thinking and monitoring your success. Being aware of how we think and why we think the way we do keeps us in control and moving forward in our every day goals. In time you will learn to take this procedure of thinking in to your mind and see it as a silent partner in your life, able to combat any hardships life throws at us.

Windwalker Offers:

  • Life coaching for individuals
  • Certified life coaching training program
  • Corporate and small business consultant program
  • Corporate motivational workshops and lectures program

Windwalker brings with him his knowledge and training in:

  • Human Behavior Tech
  • Life Coach C.L.C. and Trainer C.L.C.T.
  • Founder/CEO for Allied International Life Couching Association
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Media Consultant/Producer of TV Show “SayYes to You” Channel 17 & 18
Windwalker does motivational life coaching and workshops for corporate and small business, schools and academies.
We are much more evolved than that now…

So our problem now is that our subconscious mind is always trying to take over our thinking, making you the co-pilot of your life. We started as a dependent on our parents and they also taught us to be on the lookout for danger and they meant well, but over time with all the negative input from your life’s experiences, T.V. etc, and always looking for danger around the corner, frankly is out dated, which traps us in a way of thinking that was influenced by others and bad experiences, and this holds us back. In this type of thinking we are not just protecting ourselves but we are never open for the future and the NOW type of thinking. So if it is anything unfamiliar to our sub-conscious thinking it is rejected as dangerous.

So we become a prisoner of our thinking and conditioned and influenced by dysfunctional thinking…

In our daily lives, we lose track of ourselves, our goals are replaced with the fear based thinking which is making enough money, career, family needs, etc. With this we forget the WHY of what we are doing in life.

When people learn to track their goals, they are more confident of themselves because they measure themselves against benchmarks. This has the effect of letting them know where they truly stand in completion of their goals. A lot of people lose their way when there is no tracking and they are not observing their own success or the way they think, just seeing the failures and adding them to the sub-conscious thinking, and click more negative data added to the old programs stored in your computer brain.

Reprogramming Your Thoughts

If there are no repetitious or constant reaffirming actions in your thinking, the old programs take over being your subconscious mind, and then there is no method to affirm a person’s actions and goals. People then forget the reason why they are working for so long and hard every day.

The biggest fear people have is that of change and transforming their lives, they even get comfortable in failure; it is called the comfort zone. At this point the subconscious is making the decisions in your life. The next biggest fear people have is that of taking responsibility and being held accountable for their actions.
The third biggest fear is that of dying.

The Wise Man Changes His Mind, The Fool Never!

Look at where you are right now in your life, are you happy ,are you doing what you want to do, are you always tired, depressed, is drama always in your life, are you a victim, do you feel trapped in work or a relationship! … If yes to any of this Then Now is the time to turn it around and create a new you. live in or a place
that could fall any day?

“NOW” is the time to be in control of your thinking and your life.

Let’s get started together, co-creating a new you…. I have seen so many people struggle with many types of problems and I have assisted them in learning how to be in control of their lives, and be the person they want to be, not the person others want them to be.


Become a certified life coach while being coached. No one out there has a program like mine, and my prices are the lowest, in fact if you are on a fixed income I will make the program affordable for you. “Ok” now let’s start making your life what you want it to be. You can start the program for yourself, or you can take advantage of a special I am running right now. Due to the economy a lot of people are looking for an extra income, why not do something that you like, and help others change their life for the better.

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